Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering & Design
Analysis and design of different building structures requires modeling as well as the application of appropriate engineering and building codes. Similarly, use of different construction materials, such as steel, concrete, wood, and masonry, requires compliance with standard engineering and building codes. DAC has extensive experience in analysis and design of a wide range of building structures and facilities.
Wood-Frame Structures
In North America and Europe, many structures are built out of wood. The wood-frame buildings are light weight and easier to construct. Because of lighter weight and ease of connection, these types of buildings are favored over masonry and concrete in earthquake prone areas. In addition, wood has a natural texture and feeling to it that makes it a material of choice for exposed architectural applications. DAC has extensive experience in analysis and design of wood-frame residential and commercial structures.
Concrete Structures
From footings for a deck to underground storage tanks and bunkers, and to high rise buildings, concrete has been successfully used for many centuries. Advanced techniques of design and construction with steel reinforced and fiber reinforced concrete have been developed and are adopted to allow concrete to be used even in ship building.
Steel Structures
Steel is another good material with many characteristics that makes it the unique material for use in building construction. The strength and ductility of steel are two of the most important properties of this material for construction. Other important factors are ability to be welded, bored and screwed, as well as its matching thermal expansion with concrete. It is therefore possible and very popular to use steel in composite structures.
Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Structures
Technical knowledge, experience, knowledge of code application, and innovative structural solutions for the projects in manners that would lead to cost-effective construction are key factors in successful engineering. DAC has achieved all these capabilities by years of experience in projects ranging form large municipal plants to residential remodel and deck construction.
Mixed Use Facilities
These are commercial and residential complexes where mainly both retail and residential quarters are included in a development scheme.