Construction Support

Geotechnical Observation and Testing
Our geotechnical related construction support includes geotechnical observation, field and laboratory testing of construction materials, consultation.
Structural Observation and Testing
DAC provides structural observation of wood framing, installation of shearwalls, concrete rebar, epoxy dowels and pull testing, welded and bolted connections, bracings. We also provide onsite consultation for trouble shooting and determination of cost-effective solutions to construction related issues.
Temporary Shoring Design and Observation
For deep excavations in general and for any excavation in materials with loose or soft consistency, including excavation below groundwater, we provide alternative shoring designs. DAC shoring design considers safety and cost-efficiency for both shoring that may remain part of the permanent structure or for shoring that maybe fully or partially salvaged.
Wet Weather Construction Observation
Our wet weather construction observation includes: observation of erosion protection systems, sedimentation control facilities, excavation and slope stability, dewatering and discharge, as well as pumping and filtration facilities. DAC provides onsite consultation for construction storm water management and dust control.
Construction Troubleshooting
With many years of experience in a broad range of construction projects, DAC can provide cost-effective solutions to construction issues. Such issues may appear unexpectedly and can be related to many different aspects of the project. We would be happy to provide consultation in resolving issues related with foundations, structural systems, and methods of construction.
Instrumentation & Performance Monitoring
DAC has extensive experience with instrumentation and monitoring of important facilities and structures. In addition, we have been involved with safety monitoring of dams, tunnels, open channels, and the geotechnical monitoring of building structures founded on compressible soils.